After 18 months of hard work between the Family Housing Board of Management, officers
and tenants to set it up, the Tenant Scrutiny Panel is finally ready to undertake its pilot

We know the name sounds ominous (if anybody has a suggestions for a better name, let us
know!), but the idea is to help both tenants and staff to possibly improve services.
Over the next few months, the Scrutiny Panel will be working on their pilot project and will
be reporting their recommendations to the Board of Management at end of the process.

During the process they may be seeking information from Family Housing staff, tenants and
also other social landlords to discover best practice.

The Panel has a wide range of skills and looks forward to Family’s management and staff
helping them to find ways to improve Family Housing’s services to their service users. The
Panel members have been through a comprehensive training process, and many of them
have been involved with tenant participation for several years.

If you want to get involved in tenant participation, you can find out more by CLICKING HERE and following the links.

The one thing we are aiming to prove with scrutiny is that it’s better together!

Mike Wiseman
Chair, Family Housing Tenants’ Panel



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