This is a group of tenants who meet quarterly with  staff and officers of the property services dept. (maintenance etc.) to be kept informed of all aspects of the activities of the department this includes compliments and concerns and to discuss the way forward.

A group of Tenants’ Panel members decided they wanted to set up a group in Property Services (maintenance) in 2008. They were successful in obtaining a grant from the government to do this.

One of the first things they did was to develop a code of conduct for contractors so that it was clear what was expected when a contractor visits your home.

Since the beginnings, the members have looked at contractor performance, interviewed contractors and reviewed policies.

The group continue to work with the Property Services teams to improve services to tenants. They meet every 3 months.

Workstream Meetings

Workstream meetings are attended by tenant representatives, staff and contractors to review data regarding services provided by Family Housing Association and their contractors to tenants.

The minutes of these meetings are provided to the PSTG for discussion and to take note of any recommendations.



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