By way of introduction, my name is Richard Cullen, Chairman of the Hazel Court residents committee.

The committee comprises of nine residents. At its inception, some four years ago, there were double that number. The number has ebbed and flowed during the above period to its present number.

We are an enthusiastic bunch, who meet bi-monthly to deal with and sift through any problems or issues. The meetings are relaxed and enjoyable whilst at the same time getting down to business.

We are a 55+ community with many of the residents aged 70+. Whilst advertising for new members I joke that the combined age of the committee is 2500 years and that we want to increase it to 3000 years! (Methuselah excluded!)

As we comprise of three blocks of 120 flats there is much to concern ourselves about. All landlords think they do enough for tenants; all tenants thinks that landlords don’t do enough for them. The residents at Hazel Court are no different.

Our approach as a committee at Hazel Court is not one of confrontation. We try to work with Family Housing, not against them. There is no perfect system but we have achieved more by dialogue and diplomacy. It is not only about what we want from Family Housing but what we can do together. Some issues, problems or obstacles take longer to resolve or overcome. We, as a committee, believe that the ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality rarely achieves the desired end.

Like most communities we are social animals. We aim to fund raise, have social activities free of charge and have occasional get togethers. With any spare cash we make donations to other groups within the complex. Most, if not all, of our administration costs are covered by a £250 yearly grant from Family Housing. Much needed and very gratefully received.

Our thanks to Mike Wiseman and all who set up this wonderful website. Great to be able to reach out to so many.

So it’s goodbye from me and hello to you all!



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